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El Sequé
VINTAGE The last four years in Alicante have been characterized by higher than normal rainfall during the month of September. While abundant Fall precipitation can distort the final stage of maturation in some areas of Alicante, owner Juan Carlos declares that the rain has been a positive influence on El Seques vineyards, helping to slow the ripening of the grapes in a typically hot and arid part of Spain. The slow ripening process also allows a longer phenolic maturation that, along with the important diurnal temperature changes common along the Mediterranean Sea, gives the wines of El Seque their characteristic and consistent concentration, elegance and freshness.

VINEYARDS Located at an altitude of 1,800 feet, the vineyards of El Seque are uniquely influenced by both the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby continental plateau of La Mancha. Similar to the idea of a French chateau, the 100% estate-owned vineyards surround the winery at various orientations and elevations, with soils comprised of quaternary sandy loam set in a clay subsoil. The headpruned vines are over 40-years-old and produce a little over 3 pounds per vine, or less than a third of a ton per acre. Integrated and environmentally respectful viticulture is extremely important to owner Juan Carlos ; chemical fertilizers and pesticides are never used. While the local star variety of Monastrell represents the heart and soul of the winery, small amounts of Syrah are also grown to supplement the depth and structure of El Seque.

WINEMAKERS NOTES Committed to the quest of producing unique wines with identity, winemaker and owner Juan Carlos Lopez de la Calle believes old vines are the key to accomplishing this complex pursuit. After having achieved success in Rioja and Navarra, Juan Carlos went to Alicante for the extreme climatic conditions, disparate soil types and, above all, for the old-vine Monastrell indigenous to the region. Perfectly adapted to its environment, the old-vine Monastrell produces silky, delicate and balanced fruit that transforms into the epitome of a succulent Mediterranean wine. Seductive and sweet with velvety tannins, this wine also has cool balsamic undertones that prevent palate fatigue and stimulates one to take another sip. Deep cherry red in color with an amaranthine hue, El Sequé has complex aromas of ripe berries, aniseed, toasted oak and forest floor. Fresh and fruit-forward in the mouth, the wine is well-structured with ripe, sweet tannins that persist over time.

VARIETY 90% Monastrell and 10% Syrah
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