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Mediterranean Climate & Varieties – In this inland region of Alicante, the climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and La Mancha Plateau creating disparate temperature swings from 90-100 degrees during the day and 45-50 degrees at night. This Mediterranean-influenced climate is perfect for growing Monastrell and Syrah.

El Sequé & Monastrell – El Sequé uses 100% Monastrell to produce mature and voluptuous wine characterized by aromatic freshness with hints of balsam, typical of a Mediterranean climate. El Sequé is made with vines over 40 year old providing depth and structure intended to age beautifully for years.
Inside El Sequé
A true Mediterranean wine in character, this wine has a remarkable freshness and very long finish.
Seductive and sweet with velvety tannins, this wine also has cool balsamic undertones that prevent palate fatigue and stimulates one ...
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