FATAL ERROR: The variable or class property '$Array' is invalid or undefined. Expecting one of type(s) array. Value is of type boolean with value 'false'. Does not evaluate to an array datatype.
- file: /chroot/home/foliowin/MODERNCODE.v.3.9.2/PHP/lib_php/lib.ModernArray.php
- line #91 - calling ModernCode::validate( )

(1) file: /chroot/home/foliowin/foliowine.com/html/pages/dynamic/index.php
 - line #56
 - calling ModernArray::__construct( )
(2) file: /chroot/home/foliowin/MODERNCODE.v.3.9.2/PHP/lib_php/lib.ModernArray.php
 - line #14
 - calling ModernArray::_set( )

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referrer url: http://www.foliowine.com/
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