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Artazuri Rosado
VINTAGE   The 2012 vintage was a year marked by drought, which resulted in a lack of vigor during the vegetative growth of the vines. On the upside, there was a complete absence of fungal disease throughout bud-break and flowering due to the lack of water and high temperatures. Mid-September rains helped to mitigate the hydric stress the vines were suffering and, due to the difference in development and growth of the vines at the winery’s different vineyard sites, the Bodegas Artazu vineyard management team was able to carefully select and harvest only the healthiest of clusters. Overall, 2012 in Navarra is said to have produced balanced wines with a proven and consistent quality that one expects to find in the wines of Bodegas Artazu.

VINEYARDS   Located at an altitude of 1,650 feet, Bodegas Artazu's vineyards are subject to the extreme influences of an Atlantic and Continental climate. Much unlike the Garnacha that is produced in other regions of Spain, or even other parts of Navarra, the vines of Bodegas Artazu are located in quaternary alluvial soils with a very chalky subsoil. The new 5- to 15-year-old plantings are trellised, never irrigated and grown without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. The ancient 70- to 90-year-old vines are head-pruned, produce a very low yield of less than 2 pounds per vine, or around ¼ ton per acre, and are also organically farmed. A green harvest is performed each year and fruit is dropped when needed.

WINEMAKERS NOTES    In the early 1990s, after visiting several different villages in the D.O. Navarra, owner and winemaker Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle came upon the town of Artazu where he was captivated by the vineyards, landscape and especially the people. Historically, the cultivation of vines had been the economic engine of the village and historical documents gave evidence to several awards won by the townspeople for producing high quality Garnacha wines. Juan Carlos aspired to defend this winemaking tradition and approached this new project, his second winery in Spain, with great enthusiasm. By purchasing the few remaining ancient vineyard blocks around Artazu and by planting new vineyards with cuttings from the old vines, Juan Carlos ensured he had the raw material with which to make outstanding wines from Navarra. Since, traditionally, rose i th t wines were the most famous and acclaimed wines produced in the region, the Artazuri Rosado is a tribute to Artazu's winemaking history. Bright and clean, this wine is light strawberry in color with a fresh nose that contains delicate aromas of acidic fruit such as red currants, raspberries and strawberries, intertwined with floral notes of acacia and almond. The palate gracefully mimics the nose and its well-balanced aftertaste makes it the perfect accompaniment for any casual or daring dining experience.

VARIETY 100% Garnacha
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