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Santa Cruz de Artazu– With this wine, the winemakers have attempted to reestablish the original Navarra variety and maximize its potential to produce a great wine. This wine comes from vineyards planted nearly 100 years ago.

Navarra – Artazu established its presence in the historic wine region of Navarra in 1996, where their production area is well defined by both brown-limestone and clay-calcareous soils. The climate in this region is full of contrasts being dry and hot in the summer, and cold and humid in the winter.

A Focus on Garnacha – Artazu places their sole focus on this ancient variety, Garnacha, as to which they find full of charm and authenticity. Artazu crafts their wines using grapes from old vineyards nearly a century old, as well as from young vines – all made in a modern-style cellar.
Inside Santa Cruz de Artazu
Bright and clean, this wine is light strawberry in color with a fresh nose that contains delicate aromas of acidic ...
Bright cherry-red in color, it has redolent aromas of ripe forest berries, lavender and violet. Well-balanced and medium-bodied on the ...
Rich in aromatics and color. Imparting delicate aromas of currant, cassis, mint and cedar box, this wine has subtle and ...
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