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Owner Juan Carlos López de Lacalle has been surrounded by old vines and great wines since early childhood when he used to accompany his grandfather during harvest time in Rioja. Dedication to detailed, delicate and hard work is something he learned at an early age, and these are governing principles for his three award-winning wineries in Rioja, Navarra and Alicante. Artadi's ideology is that "the value of a great wine is intimately linked to the land and its people." The conviction to safeguard this intimate link is what drove Juan Carlos to make wine in three distinct regions of Spain. Producing wines made from the single most important variety of each appellation, working with estate-grown fruit and developing a team of viticultural experts that respect the traditions and climate of each region are Bodegas Artadi's fundamental keys to success. If asked, Juan Carlos would say the peculiarity of different soils, disparate climates and the inherent excellence of the grape varieties are the genesis of the
authenticity of Artadi's portfolio of wines. Indeed when one looks at Artadi's contribution to Spanish winemaking, we find wines with character, personality and identity that reflect their roots in natural viticulture.

Artadi: The Excellence of Tempranillo in Rioja

A History of Excellence and Quality.
With Viña El Pisón & Pagos Viejos receiving consistent scores of over 90 points for the last decade, including 100 pts from Wine Advocate for 2004 Viña El Pison, Artadi is a leader of quality and excellence recognized by wine writers around the world.

Pure Tempranillo Expression – Artadi cultivates their vineyards and produces their wines with the Tempranillo variety providing their wines with singularity and personality; freshness of fruit and smooth tannins are their special qualities.

Rioja Alavesa
– The highest elevation in the Rioja region is typically known for producing wines that are lighter and aromatic. Artadi owns seventy hectares of vineyards, located on soils with wide and diverse geological particularities.

Santa Cruz de Artazu

A Focus on Garnacha – Artazu places their sole focus on this ancient variety, Garnacha, as to which they find full of charm and authenticity. Artazu crafts their wines using grapes from old vineyards nearly a century old, as well as from young vines – all made in a modern-style cellar.

Navarra – Artazu established its presence in the historic wine region of Navarra in 1996, where their production area is well defined by both brown-limestone and clay-calcareous soils. The climate in this region is full of contrasts being dry and hot in the summer, and cold and humid in the winter.

Santa Cruz de Artazu– With this wine, the winemakers have attempted to reestablish the original Navarra variety and maximize its potential to produce a great wine. This wine comes from vineyards planted nearly 100 years ago.

El Seque

Mediterranean Climate & Varieties – In this inland region of Alicante, the climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and La Mancha Plateau creating disparate temperature swings from 90-100 degrees during the day and 45-50 degrees at night. This Mediterranean-influenced climate is perfect for growing Monastrell and Syrah.

El Sequé & Monastrell – El Sequé uses 100% Monastrell to produce mature and voluptuous wine characterized by aromatic freshness with hints of balsam, typical of a Mediterranean climate. El Sequé is made with vines over 40 year old providing depth and structure intended to age beautifully for years.
Inside Artadi
The value of great wines is closely related to the soil and the people. Artadi represents the excellence of ...
Authentic Navarra Expressed through traditional Garnacha and contemporary winemaking.
Mediterranean Monastrell delivers the depth and intensity of the Alicante region
Wine Enthusiast - 90pts Michael Schachner, October 2013
Wine Spectator 87 pts August 2013
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