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California Pinot Noir
Why Hangtime? We named this wine after a key part of viticulture – the amount of time grapes spend hanging on the vines ripening to perfection. The longer it takes to reach that peak of ripeness within the growing season, the more concentrated the fruit character emerges, resulting in a wine with distinctive & delicious varietal expression. Winemaker Tony Coltrin keeps a close eye on the clusters hanging in the vineyard in order to decide exactly how many days on the vine they need to attain complete maturity.

Winemaker Notes: Pinot Noir is often considered the most finicky of wines – that's why we give ours tender loving care. We source this wine from select California vineyards that allow grapes to ripen slowly, producing lovely delicate, intriguing fruit character.

Hangtime Pinot Noir has vivid red fruit with strawberry flavors, hints of spice, a lithe texture, and well-balanced acidity on the palate. Pair with lean meats seasoned with aromatic herbs, smoked sausage, and wild mushrooms, sit back, and enjoy a little hang time of your own!
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