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CLIMATE AND HARVEST The 2009 growing season saw a Winter and early Spring that were cool and rainy, and budbreak occurred in line with past years. May was dry, but the rains returned in June, without however negatively impacting vine growth or flowering. Summer was practically rainless, and hot, with temperatures often rising above 35C and very narrow day-night temperature differences.Strong scirocco winds from Africa between late August and early September hastened the ripening process, particularly in early-ripening varieties such as Merlot its harvest was one of the earliest and most rapid in Masseto's history.

VINIFICATION AND AGING Harvest started on 2 September with the youngest vines of 'Masseto Junior' and 'Masseto Isola' and was completed with the two sections of 'Masseto Centrale' on 10 September yielding a total of five different vinification lots. The clusters were hand-picked into 15-kg boxes and then graded and selected by hand on a double sorting table, before and after destemming, and finally carefully crushed. Each single vineyard block was vinified separately. Fermentation took place in both steel and oak, followed by a 15-20 day maceration at 25-28C. The wine then began malolactic fermentation, in new oak barriques. Each individual lot was matured separately for the first 12 months. The wine was then assembled and returned to the barriques for an additional year, for a total of 24 months. After bottling, the wine aged a further 12 months prior to release.

WINEMAKERS NOTES Masseto 2009 is the expression of a particularly warm growing season that showcased all of the noble qualities of a great terroir. Working in harmony with the clay soil of the Masseto vineyard, we succeeded in achieving the balance, crispness, and aromatic complexity that are classic to all great wines. An impressively dark hue, Masseto 2009 mirrors its vintage, exhibiting intense impressions of ripe cherry, chocolate, spice, and coffee. Profound and full-volumed in the mouth, it boasts explosive fruit, and tannins which are glossy and firm. Its vein of crisp acidity fuels a long finish marked by a vivacious crispness.

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