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Rèmole is as blend of cabernet sauvignon and sangiovese sourced from areas of Tuscany long renowned for yielding wines of great aromatic complexity, with full-fruited aromas. Rèmole has an excellent body and sturdy structure.

VINTAGE REPORT The 2010 harvest concluded on October 20. Spring 2010 was marked by frequent rainstorms, which made life difficult for the viticulturalists with regard to vineyard operations and anti-fungal efforts, but the rain also had the benefit of building up groundwater reserves. The summer months experienced a rather even alternation of decent rains and sunny days. September brought ideal conditions, with cool nights and warm, sunny days right through to the end of the harvest. The upshot was that the vines performed splendidly, and the fruit arrived in the cellar with optimal ripeness levels.

GRAPE VARIETIES 85% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon

TASTING NOTES A rich, luminous ruby of appealing depth announces an equally complex nose, Rèmole 2010 reveals multi-faceted aromas of red and dark fruit and lifted by spicier impressions of black pepper and liquorice. The entry is velvety and warm, and the components on the palate are well balanced, with a tasty vein of acidity. Aromatic fruit returns to grace a lengthy finish.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS A classic example of a wine for all dishes, on all occasions. Enjoy it for example with charcuterie that is not too spicy, or with full-flavoured pasta dishes such as all'amatriciana.
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