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The initial vintage of Ammiraglia was 2006. Made one hundred per cent from Syrah grapes grown in limestone-clay soils rich in pebble and rock, its soul is the most Mediterranean of all of the Frescobaldi estates. It is an emphatic, full-bodied wine boasting impressive, well-ripened fruit and pungent spice.

VINTAGE REPORT   During the month of August 2011 two verified climatic events of extraordinary importance took place which shaped the characteristics of the grapes by force of the natural elements. The first half of August was characterized by sunny days, with daytime temperatures never above 30°C, and very cold nights. In the second part of August the strength of the sun gave power and concentration to the red grapes. The final result is that we have obtained white grapes in perfect health, mature, rich in the precursors of aroma and with a good acidity; and red grapes of extraordinary health, mature, concentrated and rich in polyphenols.


TASTING NOTES    Ammiraglia 2011 is an intense ruby red with fine purple highlights, clean and substantial. The nose is characterized by aromas of red and black berry fruits such as blackberry, currant and plum followed by notes of dark chocolate and spicy nuances of vanilla, tobacco and toasted hazelnuts. The palate reveals perfectly amalgamated and balanced tannins. Fresh and persistent, it leaves the palate with a pleasingly fruity aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS   Ideally paired with grilled and stewed red meats and game, and with medium- and well-aged cheeses.
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