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Pietraregia Morellino Riserva is a smooth, stylish wine that was launched with the 2006 harvest. Multi-layered, complex, and firmly structured, it has proved impressive for its overall elegance and for its seductive character, qualities classic to the great red wines produced in the Maremma.

VINTAGE REPORT   During the month of August two verified climatic events of extraordinary importance took place which shaped the characteristics of the grapes by force of the natural elements. The first half of August was characterized by sunny days, with daytime temperatures never above 30°C, and very cold nights. In the second part of August the strength of the sun gave power and concentration to the red grapes Syrah and Sangiovese. The final result is that we have obtained white grapes in perfect health, mature, rich in the precursors of aroma and with a good acidity; and red grapes of extraordinary health, mature, concentrated and rich in polyphenols.

GRAPE VARIETY   Sangiovese 85%, Ciliegiolo 10%, Syrah 5%

TASTING NOTES   Pietraregia 2011 is an intense ruby-red, with subtle purplish highlights. Fruit is dominant on the nose, the first impressions being of very ripe cherry and plum; these are combined with floral hints of violet, well blended with balsamic hints of eucalyptus and spicy black pepper. The tannins are powerful on the palate, and melt away with the warm, full body, and the toasty, persistent finish. Tasted April 2014

SERVING SUGGESTIONS Meat stews, particularly of rabbit and chicken, as well as with medium-aged cheeses.
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