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The Tenuta di Castiglioni, the Frescobaldi family's oldest estate, brought forth, in 1999, Giramonte, a rare and exclusive Cru. The qualities of its soil, an ideal microclimate, and rigorous selection of the fruit ensure, year after year, extraordinary consistency of quality. The result is a wine of great richness and intensity, silk-smooth, and with an almost endless progression and finish.

VINTAGE REPORT The balance sheet is strikingly positive, particularly regarding the outstanding quality level of the fruit harvested. Spring 2009, as was the case in previous years, brought endless rainstorms, which severely tested the vineyard staff as they labored to balance vine growth and control pests, but the rain at the same time built up groundwater reserves. June and July, however, brought light levels of rain, which reversed the slowdown in vine growth and brought forward the ripening stage. The vines were thus able to perform at their best, and the grapes ripened slightly early compared to the previous years. September's cool nights and warm, sunny days ensured that this demanding grape variety ripened perfectly and yielded wines of remarkable quality. Favorable growing conditions made it possible to bring into the cellars optimally-ripened grapes with good acid levels and complex aromatics.

GRAPE VARIETY 88% Merlot, 12% Sangiovese

TASTING NOTES Giramonte 2009 is a lovely red with purple highlights, intense and impenetrable. The nose is fruity with blueberry, cherry and spicy notes of anise and black pepper. Hints of forest undergrowth: mushrooms and truffe accompanied by cocoa beans and coconut. Pronounced notes of coffee and fresh notes of sweet mint. The palate is very warm. Smooth, intense, with lovely and elegant tannins blended into the body. Powerful and persistent , the retro-olfaction is characterized by nuances of ripe fruit. Notable correspondence between the palate and olfactory notes; exuberant with a clean and bold finish.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS Ideal with all roasts, grills, and barbecues, and with sautéed fillets of beef, but try it with delicate cheeses as well.
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