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California Chardonnay
It's all about balance.  From allowing the grapes to mature to their finest peak of ripeness, to finding harmony between work and play, Hangtime reflects that balance.

Winemaker Tony Coltrin ensures that the Hangtime wines embody the essence of Hangtime.  His winemaking philosophy focuses on developing balance and harmony in his wines, as he does in his life.

In the case of the 2012 vintage, Tony focused on utilizing grapes that were allowed to ripen slowly in order to ensure the optimal balance of fruit and acidity.  Once the grapes had reached maturity and the correct length of hangtime was achieved, they were picked and fermented.

Delicious pineapple and lychee fruit aromas on the nose are followed by sweet apple flavors on the palate, complemented by good acidity and a nice, clean finish.  Elegant light oak flavors are enhanced by notes of spice and toast.  Pair wiht salmon, crab cakes, and a great fish story... or two.

Alcohol:  13.5%
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