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Property of the family since the 11th century, Castiglioni is the point of origin of wine production for the Frescobaldis. Documentation indicates that wines were being produced here as early as 1300. The estate extends along the ancient Via di Castiglioni, built by the Romans to unify northern Tuscany and Rome. The area was already famous in those times for the quality of its agricultural harvests and was for centuries at the center of heavy trade traffic and chosen as the site for luxury Roman villas. The coat of arms of the Frescobaldi family, with the crown, the shield and three fortresses, represents Castiglioni as well, in remembrance and recognition of the 700 years of wine-making history which began here at this very estate.


Castiglioni is placed among the hills to the southwest of Florence in Val di Pesa. The fertile and varied soils are composed of both rock and clay, ideal conditions for the cultivation of the elegant Sangiovese, as well as for the robust and vivacious Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. All of the vineyards on the estate enjoy a warm and dry microclimate with afternoon breezes that arrive from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here the grapes mature more rapidly and completely giving the wines notes of intense fruitiness, a marked smoothness and a refined structure.
Inside Castiglioni Estate
Castiglioni Chianti is a deep ruby red with purplish highlights. Notes of small red-berry fruits like mulberry and currant insinuate ...
Tenuta Frescobaldi di Castiglioni is an intense ruby-red color with purplish highlights, showing a brilliant clarity and lovely consistency. On ...
Giramonte 2009 is a lovely red with purple highlights, intense and impenetrable. The nose is fruity with blueberry, cherry and ...
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