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Pomino Pinot Nero
Pomino Pinot Noir is a wine of surpassing elegance. Delicate fragrances of dark cherry and wild strawberry meld together with floral notes of sweet violets. This is a lovely blend of Pinot Noir and a touch of Sangiovese.

VINTAGE REPORT A mild winter brought a budbreak that was slightly earlier than in 2010. All of the successive growth stages--flowering, fruit set, veraison--took place normally, through mid-August, with no particular weather problems. In fact, during the entire period between late May and mid-August, the temperatures were below normal. Rainfall, through not heavy, occurred at regular intervals, although the soils already exhibited good groundwater reserves, due to recent quite rainy autumn and winter seasons.  Very hot weather from mid-August on speeded up the ripening stages, and the grapes accumulated outstanding levels of aromatic compounds, sugars, and polyphenols. Ideal weather conditions at Pomino, which produced a vintage exhibiting optimal levels of aromatic compounds, crisp acids, and full sugar ripeness --a combination not often seen.

GRAPE VARIETY   100% Pinot Nero

TASTING NOTES This wine appears a deep ruby red, with impressive luminosity. The bouquet is richly complex and stylish, with initial impressions of dark wild berry fruit, including blackberry and blueberry, as well as dried plum and dark cherry. Subtly pungent notes of mint and nutmeg gradually claim attention, and the aromatic array concludes with tobacco leaf and baker's chocolate. The palate elegantly mirrors the aromatics enjoyed on the nose, then develops a suite of silk-smooth tannins. A crisp progression leads into a long-lingering, ultra-savoury finish, completing a wine that is refined, rounded, and fully balanced.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS Pomino Pinot Nero pairs well with tomato-based first courses, such as lasagna, and with marinades and stews.
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