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Pomino Benefizio
This elegant, supremely distinctive cru displays an unbelievably rich array of aromas and sensory impressions. One hundred per cent Chardonnay sourced from the vineyard of the same name, at 700 metres' elevation, it was produced for the first time in 1973 and was Italy's first barrique-aged white wine. (Riserva since 2005)

VINTAGE REPORT     A mild winter brought a budbreak that was slightly earlier than in 2010. All of the successive growth stages--flowering, fruit set, veraison--took place normally, through mid-August, with no particular weather problems. In fact, during the entire period between late May and mid-August, the temperatures were below normal. Rainfall, through not heavy, occurred at regular intervals, although the soils already exhibited good groundwater reserves, due to recent quite rainy autumn and winter seasons . Very hot weather from mid-August on speeded up the ripening stages, and the grapes accumulated outstanding levels of aromatic compounds, sugars, and polyphenols. Ideal weather conditions at Pomino, which produced a vintage exhibiting optimal levels of aromatic compounds, crisp acids, and full sugar ripeness --a combination not often seen.


TASTING NOTES     Pomino Benefizio Riserva 2012, appearing a luminous, gold-flecked straw-yellow, releases a rich bouquet of well-ripened fruit even before the glass is swirled, followed moments later by rich impressions of vanilla and subtle spice. In the mouth it is immediately velvet-textured and seductive, with full body and a very lengthy progression. Displaying a crisp acidity and delicious minerality, this aristocratic Chardonnay, with some ageing, will offer even richer fragrances and complexity.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS Vegetable soups, baked sea bream, baked salmon fillet, caviar.
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