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Winemaker Tony Coltrin ensures that the Hangtime wines embody the essence of Hangtime.  His winemaking philosophy focuses on developing balance and harmony in his wines, as he does in his life.

Hangtime wines have the authentic expression and laid-back approachability that can only come from the Golden State. Grapevines take deep root in the diverse soils up and down the coast of California, where vineyards are bathed by warm sun and cooled by ocean breezes. This combination develops the perfect balance between ripe flavor and bright acidity in grapes as they spend extra days—optimum hangtime—on the vine.

California Grown

From rugged mountain slopes to windswept coastal plains, from gentle, sunny foothills to foggy river valleys, California wine country is dramatic, diverse and stands among the best winegrowing regions of the world. Long, sunny days ripen wine grapes to vibrant fruit expression, while chilly nights and ocean breezes maintain their bright natural acidity. We source Hangtime wines from select spots where this combination of sunny days and cool nights slows ripening for a long, steady growing season. The longer growing season means that grape clusters spend a higher than average number of days hanging on the vine—an extended “hangtime” results in complex, perfectly balanced wines.

Inside Hangtime
Pineapple and lychee on the nose, followed by flavors of sweet apple—all supported by crisp acidity. Oak fermentation added creaminess ...
Vivid ruby-color and exhibits wild cherry flavors with hints of cranberry.
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