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Castelgiocondo Brunello Riserva
Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino Riserva is the result of a painstaking selection process that begins in the vineyard and continues through winemaking, giving birth to a wine with a forceful character.

VINTAGE REPORT The harvest looked immediately very encouraging since the growing season had been so favourable. The spring months were marked by temperate conditions with little rain and no heat stress; this in turn contributed substantially to sound healthy fruit. At the end of May there was a sudden drop in temperatures; although it did no damage, the vine growth process was slowed and fruit set affected negatively. The result was looser, healthier clusters with fewer grapes. July brought high temperatures and August turned cool with moderate rainfall; temperature phenomena that ensure, in both red and white grape varieties, excellent concentrations of aromatic compounds, both intense and complex. The various growth stages were completed uniformly and evenly guaranteeing wine of unsurpassed quality and fine structure.

TASTING NOTES Castelgiocondo Riserva has a lovely intense ruby-red colour with very delicate garnet highlights. An olfactory examination first reveals fruity notes of blackberry and plum jam followed by coffee and the bark of cinchona calisaya. Salty and woody flavours emerge at the finish with hints of black pepper and mineral notes of graphite. Heavy, but fine and elegant tannins. Castelgiocondo is enduring with great equilibrium, a long and persistent finish.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS Stews, plates of slowly cooked meats and aged cheeses
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