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The Frescobaldi family have been producing wines for more than 700 years. To experience Frescobaldi is to glimpse the history of Florence, from the Middle Ages to the present day. An incredible time span that includes wine sales to kings Edward I and II in the 14th century and the trading of wine for art with renowned Renaissance artists in the 16th century.

The core winegrowing philosophy of the Frescobaldi Toscana is an estate based philosophy where each estate operates independently with the goal of making wine that best expresses the site from which it is from which it originates. This philosophy revolves around the integrated relationship among environment, vine, climate, and man's careful intervention.

With nine estates in Tuscany, the Frescobaldi family continually works to upgrade their extensive vineyard holdings, and they craft their wines with the finest combination of traditional and innovative methods. The results are wines that are unique from one another and site specific, reflecting the rich diversity of Tuscany.

Click on the map to view the location of the nine Frescobaldi Toscana estates in beautiful Tuscany.        Frescobaldi Map
Inside Frescobaldi Toscana
Castelgiocondo Estate wines include Brunello Castelgiocondo Riserva, Brunello Castelgiocondo and Campo ai Sassi.
Castello di Nipozzano wines include Nipozzano Riserva, Montesodi Riserva and Mormoreto.
Castello di Pomino wines include Benefizio, Pomino Chardonnay and Pomino Nero.
Tenuta di Castiglioni wines include Tenuta Frescobaldi di Castiglioni, Castiglioni Chianti and Giramonte.
Tenuta dell' Ammiraglio wines include Vermentino, Terre More, Pietraregia and Ammiraglia.
A rich, luminous ruby of appealing depth announces an equally complex nose, Rèmole 2010 reveals multi-faceted aromas of red and ...
Frescobaldi Toscana
Tenuta dell'Ammiraglia is the newest Frescobaldi estate.
US Remains Number One Export Market for Famed Tuscan Winery;Sales in BRIC Countries Quickly Growing
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