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Sedàra 2014 offers a fragrant bouquet with evident aromas of red fruit combined with spicy notes of black pepper. A pleasant red, versatile for food pairing, perfect for every day.

Description (20/10/2015): Sedàra 2014 offers a fragrant bouquet with pleasant red fruit aromas of cherry and plum enlivened by a spicy note of black pepper. In the mouth we find a perfect harmony between nose and palate, soft tannins. A pleasant red, versatile for food pairing, perfect for every day.
Aging potential: 4-5 years.

Training and pruning: VSP (vertical shoot positioning); cordon spur training, leaving 6 to 10 buds per plant.
Planting densities: 4,500 to 6,000 plants per hectare (1,822-2,429 an acre).
Yield per hectare: about 8.5 tons (3.4 tons an acre); about 1.6 kg per plant.
Vintage: the 2014 vintage was characterized by a fairly balanced climatic trend, marked by a relatively mild winter and a cool, rainy spring. Overall, from 1 October 2013 to 30 September 2014, 620 mm of rainfall was recorded: a slightly lower figure compared to the average of the last 10 years, with rainfall concentrated in the spring months. July and August passed without excesses of heat and with an excellent temperature range between day and night, thus favoring the production of particularly fresh and balanced wines. The harvest of the grapes destined for Sedàra began at the end of August with the Merlot and continued through the first two weeks of September, with the harvest of Syrah, Nero d’Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Food & wine: serve with pasta dishes with meat sauces, elaborate baked pasta dishes and red meats. Try the wine with lightly cooked fresh tuna. Serve it in goblets of medium size; uncorked at the time of serving; excellent at 16-18°C (61-64°F).

Occasions: perfect for every day, we recommend it for convivial occasions, like a party with friends or a barbecue.

Art & wine: bearing the family name of Angelica, played by the fascinating Claudia Cardinale in the movie "The Leopard" directed by Luchino Visconti, this wine impresses the taster with its solidity and gentility. The label refers to the cellars at Contessa Entellina and the land in which this native vine's roots are deeply
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